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Bartered midcentury night tables and their change-over

Maybe it already happened to you; you are visiting some old households and literally fall in love with retro furniture so much, that you can imagine them in your own house. Lívia was visiting her grand-mother, and alike, fell in love with original midcentury modern Czechoslovakian furniture. In grand-mother’s bedroom, she found very interesting designed night tables, brand Jitona. She liked them so much that she has bartered them with her grand-mother. “My grand-mother gave me her nigh tables, and in exchange, I bought her a new night table in Ikea. My grand-father is gone, so one piece was enough,” Lívia explains her useful, family business.

But long and tough renovation was waiting for her. The worst part was removing the original paint. What couldn’t have done paint remover, she removed with an electrical grinder, and then she painted them with friendly paint, so the beauty of the original veneer could stand out. She indulged elegant flat black paint to drawers, by using a spray. Her new retro-modern bedroom looks like it is cut out of a design magazine. And what would you barter with your grandma?

Photo/Author: Lívia Začková

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