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An Original Retro Cabinet With Resourceful Wallpaper

Lívia had the image, of this beautiful retro cabinet, in hear head for a long time, because she always liked furniture on beveled legs. She knew that items which are offered by furniture companies in their catalogues are not her cup of tea. This secretary, from 70s of the 20th century labeled as furniture Prague, was found on some online bazaar. The original owner from Nitra (Slovakia) wanted to sell if for 30 EUR. So Lívia didn’t hesitate, and in no time, this original design piece was born in her garden.

The cabinet is made of several types of wood. From a solid timber to veneer doors. Lívia knew that this furniture is painted with two-part lacquer, and it is almost impossible to remove it without damaging the veneer. “Having the cabinet dismantled in our garden, because we want to get rid of those smells from previous century, I had time for thinking about next steps. And then I got an idea! I started to experiment with upper doors. About the same time, I was creating a painting which was supposed to be in our living room, and that brought me the idea to create a triangle effects on the doors.” said Lívia about her idea. She started to outlined, measure and cut out triangles from pieces of vinyl wallpaper. She glued them on doors, till this colorful area has been created. Then she decided to paint drawers with classic acrylic paint, and even had mixed the color shade on her own. As same as bottom doors, she left the interior of the cabinet in the original condition, grinded sides of the cabinet with electric sander and painted with white oil for wood.

I know that wallpaper is not the best thing when it comes to maintenance, but the doors can be cleaned easily with moistened sponge. If I get tired of this pattern, I just create something new- better!”  The handy author talks about the maintenance of the solitaire.

Retro furniture, with its timelessness, pretty design and decent concept, is a very good refreshment of modern interiors. Because it is made of quality materials, there is a solid chance, that you will be using it for many years.  It is some kind of individual, ecological and original approach to furnishing.

Photos: Lívia Začková

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